How to Improve IVF Success Rates After Embryo Transfer

What are embryos?

Embryos can be termed as the early development stage when a child is born. These are the result of the best quality egg and sperm combination. And generally, at the blastocyst stage.

What are the ways to improve the IVF embryo transfer success rate?

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet-

Many research has stated that maintaining a healthy and balanced diet aids the human body to remain healthy. Thus to have a successful IVF embryo transfer and to have an indirect female infertility treatment, women need to follow a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and protein. You also need to ensure that you have enough intake of nutrients in your body.

Drink plenty of water-

It is essential to stay hydrated and complete the IVF process, Especially at the initial stages of an IVF treatment when an embryo gets implanted. Thus to ensure the success of IVF embryo transfer, you should increase the consumption of liquid in your body.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol-

To have adequate female fertility treatment or to have a successful IVF embryo transfer, it is necessary to monitor your health while quitting smoking and alcohol from your life. And to a successful IVF treatment, You should know that having an excessive intake of alcohol and smoking in your life will impact your health hazardously while making you more miserable in the process of having your child.

Get enough sleep-

According to research, a female who sleeps 7–8 hours every night tends to have higher successful IVF embryo transfer than any other female. Sleep is a significant factor which rectifies the presence of errors in the body thus depending on your sleep pattern you can also consult the best fertility centre, Crysta IVF to have a successful and healthy pregnancy.

Reduce your stress level-

Infertility can be impactful for both partners, and it doesn’t matter whether you are affected by male or female infertility challenges. The most prominent factor is that increased stress levels can make your life a living hell. It distresses your sleep pattern while affecting your health level vicariously. Therefore, to make sure you don’t have a higher level of anxiety and stress in your life, you can start the self-care process by going on a walk, reading a book, and lowering the percentage of caffeine consumption. So that you can enjoy your life to the fullest because soon you will have a healthy baby.

Involve yoga in your life-

It is advised to not perform or participate in excessive exercise that can affect your health and decrease the likelihood of being pregnant. However, to improve the possibility of successful pregnancy after IVF embryo transfer, you can without any doubt involve yoga in your lifestyle. Paternal yoga or light yoga will make your body more healthy so that you can have the most prominently natural female infertility treatment.

Avoid sexual activities after IVF embryo transfer-

According to research, it is recommended to avoid sexual activities or engaging in mutual stimulation. As Involvement in sexual activities after embryo transfer can aggravate the cervix and result in deep penetration.

When to visit an IVF (In-vitro fertilisation) specialist?

Getting an IVF treatment can be a stressful time for you, as your body goes through different variations not only mentally, but also physically. However, you should also know that if you plan your lifestyle to improve the likelihood of successful pregnancy after IVF embryo transfer, you can effortlessly complete all the procedures and have a healthy baby in your arms. Thus you can consult the best specialist at Crysta IVF without getting concerned about the cost. As IVF specialists at Crysta IVF believe in providing the budget-friendly IVF treatment cost in Noida.



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